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Our Process & Services

All projects start off with a discovery call. A discovery call is a time for you to learn more about us and our services, go over any questions, review your project, and see if we are a good fit. 

After completing a discovery call we can then schedule an estimate or a consultation.


Estimates: for lawn-to-landscape yard conversions or if you have an existing landscape design. For all other projects, schedule a consultation first. This service includes a site visit and an estimated cost for your project provided within 7 business days.

Consultations: The consultation is a 1.5-hour in-depth planning session where we will go over your project in detail. We will review the plants, materials, and needs of your specific site. This includes microclimate identification, water & irrigation analysis, zone use identification, soil structure analysis, and existing vegetation analysis. Larger properties may require more time which will be billed at an hourly rate. The consultation fee will be credited toward installation.



Sustainable Landscape Design and Instillation

We create landscapes that are both eco-friendly and beautiful.  Our designs emphasize native/drought-tolerant/edible plants and sustainable landscape techniques.  We can install based on pre-existing plans and concepts or create a landscape plan for you. 

Lawn Replacement

We can transform your yard into an oasis of native, drought tolerant, and edible plants. We also work with a variety of municipalities in order to provide designs that meet the requirements of the many rebate programs available. 


We provide most hardscape services to enhance your landscape, from pavers to retaining walls with a few twists to make these elements more sustainable. 

Rainwater Harvesting and Rain Gardens

We implement both active (rain tank, grey water) and passive (rain garden, swales etc) water harvesting techniques to reduce your water demand and improve the health of your site. 

Vegetable Gardens and Edible Landscaping

We install garden beds from a kit or custom-built.  Or maybe you want to implement a variety of other natural techniques such as sheet mulching, growing in the ground etc. Planting/harvesting plan available.

Irrigation Instillation and Repair

Having a properly functioning irrigation system is an important factor in reducing your water needs. We can re-build, modify, or repair your system to make your plants happy and healthy. 

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